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 amaroK artwork

 by markey on: Apr 14 2004
Score 50%


we're trying to find an artist who would like to create a bit of artwork for the upcoming amaroK 1.0 release.

For instance, we could really use some new icons for our player buttons, since the current ones are a bit lame, I think. Also the color scheme needs the touch of a true artist. Unfortunately, we coders suck a bit at all things art ;)

For an application like a music player the artwork is quite important, and it makes a bad impression to have crappy graphics.

So, anyone interested in helping to make amaroK look as nice as it sounds? :) Please write to our mailing list:


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 Re: amaroK artwork

 by arcisz on: Apr 25 2004
Score 50%

Maybe some Contests ?? For splash-screen perhaps ? :)

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 where is dave?

 by jlue on: Apr 15 2004
Score 50%

somebody know where to find dave and his lush icons? That dims.org links are dead :-(

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 Re: where is dave?

 by dave on: Apr 19 2004
Score 50%

hey, I'm here ;)
I've noticed the dims.org site is down, but don't worry I'm coming with a new site at www.icon-king.com: the lauch will be on April 26 (next monday) together with the release of Nuvola 1beta (Lush will come after).
stay tuned

>> dave
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 New Kontact Icons

 by awinterz on: Apr 25 2004
Score 50%

Hi Icon Artists,

I am developing a new summary plugin
for Kontact that will merge Birthdays,
Anniversaries, Holidays, etc. into
one "Special Occasions" summary.

I am terrible creating artwork.
I wonder if someone might want to help
me and work up some new icons to
holidays (not religous)
a general "special occasion"

Let me know if you want to help.

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 Needed artists!

 by rmcruz on: May 25 2004
Score 50%

Hey there,

I am a developer of the SuperTux free game project and we are currently lacking artists (we have none active :( ).

SuperTux is a platform game with inspiration on Super Mario Bros, but it is not meant to be a clone.

Homepage: http://super-tux.sf.net/

The code can be easily compiled in any machine, since it only requires a C++ compiler and SDL (and OpenGL, optional).
We also have binaries for Windows and MacOSX. If you are using Debian or Gentoo, there should be packages for it in the main repositories.

We have already designed the basics of the next Forest World, and the code is going just fine. There are some info over the webpage, others will be supplied by us, if you are willing to contribute with artwork.

The only requirment for graphics is to follow the look of the current ones.

If you are willing to contribute, write for our mailing list at:

Ricardo Cruz

ps: Sorry my English.

Here goes a quote of the graphics related sections of our proposal of the needed artwork for the Forest World:


Artists, we need you! ;)
Really, levels cannot be done, while this is not ready.

It has been suggested to get inspiration from the North Ireland forrests. Though, I
find those landscapes to be incredible, I would prefer to have a more
Brazillean-based kind of forrests.
Rain forrests have an impossible to imagine variety of animals and also a
vast flora.

- Enemies -

We need replacements for the current ice bad guys, my suggestions:

Notice that we can get inspiration from animals, but it is our policy to not
really having bad guys that look like them, so please don't waste your time
doing a realistic animal, cause it may be rejected.
It's like those turtles from SM1/3... You call them turtle, but you don't
really feel like if you were killing one.

- we need a simple one-hit enemy. Probably a Bush.
- Mr. Ice Block - a armadillo-based enemy. Have a look at one here:
- Trees - should be like dragons in SMW, where you hit once to shrink them, another to finally squish them.
- Birds. These could be usefull for air levels, they should have a straight
forward movement.

Fish and steel badguys can be used.

(We could have a few ice levels (maybe 4) in an Icy part of the map, so that
the player doesn't get tired.)

- Tiles -

These are really important to give player's the feeling, even if they are
just used for background / foreground.
Needed are:
- ordinary forrest tiles - grass, plants, bushes, trees and plain earth. Those
stuff that Tarzan uses to move, would be cool to have in the foreground.
- dark forest - basically this is a dark version of the others tiles. But this
should be spooky and the player should be in panic on these ones. It would be
cool to have background tiles with blinking red eyes. :)
- cave levels - roots and that kind of stuff.

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 Kontact Contest

 by cwoelz on: May 26 2004
Score 50%

Please see
The Kontact developers are currently choosing the winner, and this page was created to display all the entries.

Feel free to add coments (or entries if they are missing), and correct any mistakes I made.


Carlos Woelz

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 Re: Kontact Contest

 by Yaba on: Jun 8 2004
Score 50%

Hm... the link shows an empty page in my konqueror.

To mess up a Linux box, you need to work at it; to mess up your Windows box, you just need to work on it.
- Scott Granneman, Security Focus

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 Q: Aqua vs. Crystal

 by r0ttie on: Jun 4 2004
Score 50%


I was wondering..
A lot of iconsets use "aqua" in their name; and a lot of them use "crystal" in their name.
Is there a fixed definition that states what qualifies an icon as one type or another?

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 Re: Q: Aqua vs. Crys

 by Emon on: Jun 4 2004
Score 50%

just look at the aqua icons and the crystal icons and you will see the difference. each style has its own, unique look. aqua looks like... well, like aqua and crytal looks like some errm... glassy or plastic-style. ; ) and: aqua is orignially some macintosh-stuff, while crystal is not from macintosh.

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 Re: Q: Aqua vs. Crystal

 by arcisz on: Jun 5 2004
Score 50%

I can say that aquas are more realistic, crystal are more cartoonist

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 Re: Re: Q: Aqua vs.

 by r0ttie on: Jun 12 2004
Score 50%


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